Cavan – Blue is a dynamically developing trading and manufacturing company operating on the market since 2011. We are focusing on complete machined steel fabrication parts including surface finishing and assembly. Especialy focusing on producing components for construction, automotive, metallurgical and power industry. We are proud of experienced team of experts with large and long experiencies of engineering sphere.


  • 2011 setting up of the company – batch and discrete manufacturing in the area of machining of small components for mechanical engineering
  • 2012 transformation to engineering company focused on supply of semi-finished goods for mechanical engineering production
  • 2016 transformation to manufacturing – engineering company
  • 2019 move to the new production hall in Ostrava-Nova Bela and certification according to EN 1090 and EN 3834

The company has the aim to provide deliveries in the area of mechanical engineering:

  • Semi-finished products (regular and special residues after burning including finishing and bevelling)
  • Finished components (milling, turning)
  • Mechanical products
  • Technological construction
  • Steel construction